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C. Perangkat Lunak/Software yang dibutuhkan
Perangkat Lunak/Software yang dibutuhkan adalah software Open Source Router (IPCOP)
yang memiliki realibilitas tinggi dan dapat di unduh dari internet secara gratis. Di bawah ini
adalah alamat website untuk meng-unduh software tersebut : Download:
􀂃 4 interfaces with typical behavior (dianjurkan untuk menggunakan 4 port Ethernet, tapi
kalau tidak ada, dua ethernet sudah cukup - GREEN dan RED)
􀂃 GREEN: inside network
􀂃 RED: outside network (internet)
􀂃 ORANGE: DMZ (accessible from in and outside)
􀂃 BLUE: inside network for wifi (connect an Access point to this nterface)
􀂃 VLAN Available
􀂃 alias available on RED interface
􀂃 boot from floppy / usb flopp floppy allow only install from cdrom)
􀂃 boot / installation from IDE / CSI cdrom
􀂃 boot / installation from
􀂃 boot from PXE enabled network card (need avdhcp and tftp server)
􀂃 installation from http/ftp server
Backup / restore supported media
􀂃 floppy (restore on new install only)
􀂃 web interface
􀂃 usb key
Core services
􀂃 DHCP client / server
􀂃 Dynamic DNS
􀂃 Host list settable from web interface
􀂃 HTTP / FTP proxy (squid)
􀂃 IDS (snort) on all interfaces
􀂃 Log local or remote
􀂃 NTP client / server
􀂃 SSH server (PSK or password)
􀂃 Traffic shaping (red interface)
Firewall features
􀂃 statefull firewall
􀂃 nat helper for h323, irc, mms, pptp, proto-gre, quake3
􀂃 programmable port forwarding to ORANGE address
􀂃 pin-hole on GREEN or BLUE net
􀂃 ping answer configurable on all interfaces
􀂃 roadwarrior and net to net
􀂃 certificate or PSK

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